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Description: March 23 is Dors Feline's birthday so XLGirls would like to wish Dors a happy birthday. It's a coincidence that this video turned out to be scheduled on this day. Dors, playing here in the Dominican Republic, nature's paradise, is looking spectacular in this skimpy bikini. You'll love every second as Dors shares her incredible body. She is just perfect for a website and magazine dedicated to big natural tits and lush, sexy butts. "Regular member Tom comments, "Dors Feline is captivating. I could watch her all day long and never get bored." We agree. We could just look at Dors all day, just about doing anything as long as her boobs and tush were uncovered. Sam comments "You know, you gotta give the fans what they want...and we want her!!!" Dors is quiet in this tropical torrent of tits. Her body and expressions do all the talking. Happy Birthday, Dors. Keep it up!



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