Clean Up Service


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Tags: hotel, room, sex, black, show, makes, cum, dress, clean, part, undressing, naked, lost, stranger, groping, over, nature, service, hands, leather

Description: "I like to be watched. It speaks to the exhibitionist part of my nature. I feel a stranger's eyes on my body and it's as if his hands are groping me. It makes me want to give him a show--the wilder, the better. When I cleaned Johnny's hotel room, I could feel his eyes on me, undressing me. When he told me that he liked to watch, I knew I had found my match. Then his hands were all over me and I lost all control. I was so excited to let him see my naked body that I ripped my dress off, snapping buttons and sending them scattering everywhere. The sex was hot, but the best part was when he came all over my pointy black shoes. I loved seeing his cum glisten on the leather."



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