Flex Time With Michelle May!


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Description: Life was not happy when Michelle May told the TSG staff that she was not going to model anymore and that she was going to devote her time to her nursing career. But then a few months after her gloomy pronouncement, the fog of despair lifted when Michelle telephoned to say that she wanted to come back and was ready to go. Suddenly the clouds parted and the blue sky emerged as the chirping of the blue tits began. The first of several events is here before you now on XLGirls.com. Do Michelle's knockers look bigger? That's because they are. "Men fall over themselves when I'm braless," says Michelle and that's not boasting. Although she can feel free to boast because she has every right to! The breast shaking and bouncing in "Flex Time With Michelle May!" is incredible. Later, she opens her legs wide and rubs a big one out with her experienced fingers. We can imagine seeing Michelle compete with Renee Ross in a boob flexing contest. A man can dream.



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