Flirty Flamenco


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Tags: sexy, horny, dance, dick, red, little, cock, toes, show, pantyhose, cum, says, dancing, soles, foot, job, hard, new, dancer, extra

Description: "My new shoes make me feel so sexy," says Christina, a hot 40something in mile-high red stilettos and sheer pantyhose. "I feel like a sexy flamenco dancer and I want to dance for you." And all that dancing and prancing turns her on because before you know it, she is on her back and sliding her feet all over a stiff dick. Nothing like a little bit of cock smacking and rubbing with a horny set of peds to make a foot job extra special. And once her feet are on this meat, Christina's hose get ripped to shreds so that she can get her bare soles all over this hard-on and make it erupt! When her soles are coated from the heels to the tips of her toes, she rubs all of that cum in to show her appreciation.



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