Hot Red Boots


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Tags: dick, nice, red, cock, cum, hard, clean, going, myself, sperm, boots, over, lick, juices, shiny, cougar, milk, thigh, slip, drop

Description: "Do my shiny, steel-heeled boots turn you on?" asks cougar, Caelea. "Does the thought of greasing them up with your sperm and then buffing them to a shiny finish make you nice and hard? Whip out your cock and let me see it. I want to be inspired so that when I slip on my sheer, thigh-highs and I can feel my gash oozing juices, I'll know you are as turned on as I am. Milk your big dick for me and I will make myself cum. I want every drop all over my boots, too. Because later, I am going to lick them clean."



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