Like Daughter, Like Mother


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Tags: needs, girl, room, slut, getting, likes, little, cock, time, boyfriend, girlfriend, says, cute, year, doing, mother, yeah, titted, pretty, slutty

Description: Big-titted Faith Morgan, a 49-year-old housewife from North Carolina, is doing the laundry when she comes upon her 18-year-old daughter's slutty outfits. "This looks like something a little slut would wear," Faith says. "Is my little girl a slut?" It appears so, Ms. Morgan. "It would look pretty cute on me, wouldn't it?" she says, so she tries it on. "My little girl a slut," she says. "This is more than I can bear." Obviously, Faith is getting more and more turned on as she tries on her daughter's slut-wear, when suddenly, her daughter's boyfriend walks into the room. Yeah, he's seen his girlfriend in these outfits, but he likes them better on Faith. By this time, Faith is so worked up that she needs some cock. Like we said, like daughter, like mother.



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