Magnificent Monique L'Amour


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Tags: horny, fun, nice, sex, dildo, boyfriend, movie, cum, says, dicks, magnificent, pick, toys, having, huge, ones, satisfy, three, myself, video

Description: XLGirl's tribute to the greatness of Monique L'Amour continues with the video "Magnificent Monique L'Amour." Born in Hawaii, Monique says that she is a "huge fan of toys. All shapes, all sizes and vibrating speeds. I like the fancy ones and the ones that look like dicks. I started watching my own movies when I feel horny and there's no boyfriend to satisfy me. So I'll pop in a movie, pick out a nice dildo to stick in me, lube myself up and have fun. I make sure to cum three or four times while I watch myself having sex. Do any other Voluptuous or XLGirls ever mention that they do this?" We'll be sure to ask them, Monique.



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