Rules Of The House


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Tags: mature, takes, room, getting, hairy, play, mom, little, boyfriend, says, pussy, games, playing, shows, house, action, video, go, don, live

Description: All households have rules, and the offspring must live by them. No playing video games until your homework's done. Finish all the peas on your plate before you get dessert. Do all your chores before you go out to play. Trisha Lynne, 43, has another rule: no pussy shaving! So when she catches her little twit of a daughter getting her pussy shaved by her boyfriend, Trisha takes immediate action. She kicks her daughter out of the room and shows the boyfriend what a mature, hairy pussy can do. You know, some parents talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Trisha Lynne is a mom who stands behind what she says. She's an important role model for parents everywhere.