Tia's A freak


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Categories: Hardcore

Tags: girl, ass, likes, booty, doggy, cock, gets, sweet, dude, man, load, mouth, style, huge, freak, herself, top, reverse, rough, over

Description: Tia may call herself Sweet, but we know better. Tia is more like a mulatta, big-booty freak. You wouldn't even want to know why she's in this cell poppin' that ass of hers for our boy Big Pike. All we know is that she's a bad girl who likes a man who can handle her.

"I like rough necks," she said. "A man that's not afraid of trouble, a man that can handle me. I want to feel dominated."

She's in luck because she ran into just the dude who can do that. Pike stuffs his fat cock into her mouth, and has Tia lustily gagging and choking on it.

That's not the only way Pike gets rough, though. He throws Tia on top of him and she works his cock reverse cowgirl before he flips her over and pounds her ass doggy style.

When our boy is done, he drops a huge load all over her ass.

Now that's sweet.